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Research and Innovation happen in well equipped laboratories.



 5G Goes to Massive MIMO




Channel Estimation for MIMO-SDR Communication Systems




UWB Radar Prototyping




High Performance FPGA Demodulators for Cognitive Radio




Medium Range Automotive Radar for Road Safety





Data Logger with Satellite Transmitter




Emergency Vehicle’s Radio Siren System




Fractal And Microstrip Antennas




Correlative Interferometer Antenna System





MIMO Control Design As a Direct Extension of Classical Control Theory





A System For GS Simulation To Study The Influence Of GS On Biological Objects





The research labs are equipped with modern computerized measurement and control devices. They enable students to work on high-end practical diploma and theses projects and enable faculty to conduct high-end practical research.

Courses for Researches also are available at ANEL. These are quick introductory courses that enable the researcher to utilize the equipment pool at ANEL.

The ANEL cooperates with industry and research institutions in the country. In particular, Research Laboratories offers services to Armenia’s industry and research institutes to quickly and inexpensively solve their technical and scientific challenges. Educational Laboratories compliment these efforts by providing facilities to train future personnel for the research institutions, Armenian industry and engineering groups.